Summer Break Self Storage for Students

Here comes the sun, maybe

The summer offers students a break from studying, a time to relax, forget about deadlines, and exams. A time to spend time with family and friends or go travelling. You never know, there might even be a little sunshine! Whatever the weather brings, it’s a good idea to plan ahead for the summer.

With some university breaks lasting over three months, planning what to do over the long duration of the summer break can be a little daunting. You might be thinking about getting away on holiday or earning some extra money with a summer job. If you find yourself with free time on your hands, there are great opportunities to volunteer locally here in Somerset.

Do you have to take your stuff home?

It may seem a little mundane compared to planning a holiday, but have you thought about what to do with all your belongings over the summer? The books, the bike, and maybe even the bed. If you’re travelling back home, you may need to find somewhere to keep your stuff when the summer term ends.

Over 50% of students rent their accommodation from private landlords and agents. Those renting privately should check with their landlord. They might let you store your stuff with them over the summer break, or they may want their property free over the holidays to rent or renovate. The contract for a university hall of residence also often finishes at the end of the academic year, meaning you’ll have to find somewhere for your things. Even if you can leave your possessions with a landlord or in the student halls, you may prefer to keep them safe in a secure environment whilst you’re away.

The Somerset self storage solution

You can store your belongings over the summer at our self storage facility in Somerset. The type of storage you need will be dependent on the amount of stuff you want to keep with us. As a guide, our Crate Storage (i.e. one crate) holds the contents of a transit van or a garden shed. The starting size for our Cubicle Storage is the contents of two transit vans or a one-bedroom flat. If you think this might give you additional capacity, you could always share the cost with a friend.

Talking of costs, all our storage comes complete with insurance and the price includes VAT. This means there are no additional costs to factor in when you decide which storage option is best for you. Once your belongings are in our facilities they are protected by CCTV cameras and alarms, so you can have peace of mind that your items are safe while you enjoy the summer. You don’t need to think of them again until you are ready to go back for the autumn term. If you need to extend or reduce the storage time just let us know.

Get in touch

We can give you a price with no obligation on your part if you’re just weighing up your options. Just give us a call on 01963 440045 or Contact Us. Whatever you do we hope you have a wonderful summer.