Storage in Somerset at Christmas

The start of a new year is a great time for a fresh look at life – at home this may be the perfect opportunity to see if you can make better use of your space without losing the things you love.

Too much stuff – not enough room

As time goes by we all seem to collect more things in our lives. We know they will be useful again some day, but for now we store them away as best we can. Over time this creates clutter that takes up valuable living space, forcing us to extend or move to something g bigger. Sparkford’s Somerset storage allows you to keep all your treasured items, and have them safely stored away for when they are needed. This means you can declutter your existing living space and enjoy your home to its full extent.

Work gets in the way

More than ever, work and home life are merging. You may be working or running your business from home, and this means your will be storing business files, documents and even samples and stock at home. If this is all taking up too much space then a Somerset storage unit helps you to save your home from turning into an office where you happen live. Flexible storage space and easy access helps to separate work from home life and gives you the opportunity to expand your space as and when you need it. For seasonal businesses with large fluctuations in stock requirements a Somerset storage unit provides the additional warehouse space as and when you need it to cater for the peaks and troughs of the business calendar.

Time to downsize

If you are planning a move to a smaller property, a Somerset storage unit can help you to make the move without losing the things you cherish. Maybe you have items you bought when the children were growing up, currently unused but you want to keep them for grandchildren. Why take up precious house space for things you only need occasionally, such as garden furniture or Christmas decorations. Perhaps you have hobbies that have temporarily lapsed but you don’t want to give up the trainset or the golf clubs just because you don’t have the space at home.  We can store your treasured classic car or a boat that is only used occasionally. Your Somerset storage unit means you can put these items away safely knowing they will be ready whenever you need them next.

Time to save some money

Renting a storage unit does have a cost, but this may be less than you think, and it is a lot less than moving to a larger property or going through the hassle and expense of building an extension. And if a storage unit means you don’t throw way otherwise useful items, this means you save money on buying things twice.

If your New Year resolution is to declutter you home or business then Sparkford’s Somerset storage units offer a wide range of flexible cost-effective storage solutions.