Top 5 Benefits of Self Storage in Somerset

Top 5 benefits of Self Storage in Somerset

We have been providing Self storage solutions in Somerset of over 30 years, and the popularity has kept growing during this time. Across the UK there are around 2000 self storage providers providing millions of square footage storage space. With the continued growing demand for self storage in Somerset, choosing the right self storage provider can sometimes seem a more complicated task with more choices than ever.

Here we break down 5 things to look for when choosing the right self storage provider in Somerset.

#1 – Can you trust the provider

The chances are you have something of value you wish to store, whether this is items from a house move, stock or collectors items taking up too much space at home and that need a safe and secure place to be stored. You want to be assured that the Self Storage provider has a good track record and has been established for a reasonable of time. Also look at the security levels that are in place, and understand your rights when it relates to access to your storage.

#2 – Location of the Self Storage facilities

The location of the storage facilities are also an important factor when choosing the right self storage in Somerset. If you are looking to pay regular visits to the self storage units then it would make sense that you choose somewhere close to home within easy driving distance. If however you perhaps wish to store something like a car, you may be happier to consider the cost of storage over the location, as you would be storing for longer periods and have no need for regular visits.

#3 – Costs of self storage in Somerset

Most self storage facilities provide similar charges, but not necessarily providing the same level of service. Often you nee to look closer at the small print at things like Insurance, and whether this is included in the base rental price for the storage unit.

#4 – Flexibility on storage lengths

When looking for a self storage provider in Somerset you may want to store your valuables for only a short period of time, in extreme cases maybe just for a day or days. This could be due to a house move where the dates of moving don’t coincide, so self storage is required to cover this. Not all self storage in Somerset providers provide short term rentals, so pay close attention to the services they provide and ensure you are not tied into any long term agreements. In some cases the rental price looks more appealing as they may base this on a longer initial rental period. So make sure you check the small print before committing based on price alone.

#5 – Customer Service

Self storage in Somerset does not have to be a faceless, impersonal experience. Some self storage facilities are very automated with no real human interaction, where as some, much like ourselves provide a more ‘hands on’ approach to your storage requirements. There is no right or wrong here, it is a personal choice and some people simply prefer discussing their requirements and dealing with people that can advise rather than rely on automated systems. We hope you found this simple top 5 tips to choosing self storage in Somerset helpful, and of course if you have a storage requirement we would love to hear from you, simply get in touch via our website.